Glenwood Park AtlantaLiving closer to the city is becoming an increasing trend, with more and more people taking jobs outside the suburbs. This is the reason why city-proximate neighborhoods like Ormewood Park have grown in popularity through the years.

Ormewood Park is an Atlanta Eastside neighborhood built for people who want to live near downtown. The area is situated between East Atlanta and Grant Park, and has been in existence since 1892. The neighborhood was said to be named after Aquilla J. Orme, an official of the Atlanta Electric Light and Trolley Company.

The picturesque locality is filled with classic house styles, including cottages, Victorians, and Craftsman bungalows. Ormewood Park is home to the old Anne E. West Elementary School, which is now the Neighborhood Charter School middle school campus. A lot of restaurants and retail shops have started to come in the neighborhood after the advent of developments in nearby locations around the Eastside.

Its inclusion in the path of the Atlanta Beltline project ensures its residents and prospective home buyers that Ormewood Park is considered an important location in Atlanta. The Beltline project started in 1999 and is still in development stage. On the other hand, if you prefer walking as your mode of transportation, Ormewood Park is designed to be a walkable neighborhood.

Glenwood Park AtlantaOrmewood Park is renowned for its diverse mix of residents – singles and couples, middle to upper class, as well as young and old.

The neighborhood has undergone a lot of changes. Its most notable upgrade is probably the development of its northwest area by Glenwood Park, a neighborhood complex that combines a residential community with offices and retail shops. The relatively new complex was established in 2003 by Green Street Properties.

The construction of this mixed-use neighborhood followed the principles of green development. The developers recycled a massive load of granite ruble blocks, metals and concrete. The current operations of Glenwood Park include stormwater collection and treatment, systematic irrigation schedule, and use of geothermal energy in some of its establishments.

This sprawling location hosts a variety of establishments, including Vickery’s Bar & Grill, Drip Coffee Shop, The Shed at Glenwood, and the Glenwood Pool.

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