Chef Zeb skillfully used a saber to break the neck of the champagne bottle“Are you free Tuesday evening, August 25th? …We have purchased seats to a wine dinner.” No reason for me to hesitate as I was invited to do two of the three things I love–eating and drinking. Now that’s a perfect match.

I was a little early, so I sat in the waiting area enjoying Caramelized Crab Leg: Basil Oil and Burnt Mango with a glass of Dusi Pinot Grigio. Once my Mom, Dad and my close college friend Ashley arrived we were escorted to the patio to properly start the wine dinner… with a SABRAGE! So I may be a little late with this experience but it was something I had never seen before…. we watched as Chef Zeb skillfully used a saber to break the neck of the wine bottle leaving it open and ready to pour AND his audience ready to drink. What a fantastic start!!!

We then went to a private space to learn about the wines we were drinking from Janell Dusi and Kimberly Jones and to enjoy the other 4 courses and 5 wine pairings. The good food and wine, the people who sat next to us, Mike and Bob, who like myself are native Atlantans, Sandi and Edward, who flew in from Hartsfield, SC, all contributed to us having a wonderful time. The people who ensured that we had a great conversation. (I have learned the key to any successful dinner party is being surrounded by good people and having great conversation.) We all learned a lot about each other that evening and decided to share information about similar events.  Hopefully I will see them at the 4th and Swift Wine Dinner on Tuesday September 29th and if you are free please come join us too!

You could say we were having too much fun as we all forgot to take a picture together, but hey at least I remembered to take a picture of most of the food and sabrage. ENJOY!!!


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